Accommodation, Laundry and Meals

Wake up every morning to your own African alarm clock, the sound of roaring lions, a perfect start to a wonderful special day in Africa.

You will stay on site during your placement, living in 1 of 5 chalets we have for you with en-suite bathrooms. You might be sharing with other volunteer mates, up to 3 others. You will have access to internet for your convenience to keep in contact with friends and family. Please let us know if you would like to share a room with a friend.

In your chalets and around the site we have square 3pin sockets for all appliances. Please bring adaptors if your appliances are round pin plugs

Communication here will mostly be through cell phone or internet WIFI. We can arrange local sim cards for your cell phones during your placement so please ensure your cell phone is unlocked to be used in our country. You can also use the internet for emails, Skype and Facebook. Our internet is basic so please don’t expect fast internet.

When you arrive and are settled, you will be given a full orientation on how everything works here at our project site.

You have 3 meals a day. Dietary requirements are catered for at all mealtimes.

Please make us aware of any special 
requirements you may have. We cater for basic diets, specialist diets will cost more as foods are hard to get here.

Laundry is done for you twice a week free of charge. Hospitality staff clean and tidy your room everyday.

What our guests say about us

“Wow - truly a once in a lifetime experience. (Big cat walk)” One of the best and most memorable experiences of my life. Truly amazing to hear about their 3 step rehabilitation programme on a species that is sadly dwindling in numbers quickly, paticularly in Zambia. Truly incredible experience and the animals are so beautiful and well trained, you can tell they are trained not to be cuddly pets - beaten or drugged. They are trained to respond well in the wild and to be able to teach their young as they would in the wild. Would 1000% reccomend this to anyone - and the guides were so great - just felt way too quick !!!”
J-thunderbolt - April 2016