Every animal deserves love, respect and to be treated with dignity. At Mukuni big 5 safaris we believe that every animal matters thus the need to teach conservation to as many people as we can. In as much as some people will not agree to our conservation efforts, we feel it is our responsibility to do what we can, when we can and how we can. It is very important to teach as many school children as we can about wildlife as they are leaders of tomorrow and they may be the future poachers too. If, as Mukuni big 5 safaris can teach children to love and appreciate animals then we are going a long way in ensuring that generations to come will also get to see animals like elephants, lions and cheetahs.

Our animals enjoy the wild like any other animal as our elephants for instance, spend most of their time during the day in the bush doing what elephants do. WE ARE NOT AND WILL NEVER BE a part of any form of hunting or animal abuse.

Our cheetah is also an ambassador of our cheetah conservation project where we visit schools and community gathering centers to give talks on these near extinct beautiful cats.


What our guests say about us

“Wow - truly a once in a lifetime experience. (Big cat walk)” One of the best and most memorable experiences of my life. Truly amazing to hear about their 3 step rehabilitation programme on a species that is sadly dwindling in numbers quickly, paticularly in Zambia. Truly incredible experience and the animals are so beautiful and well trained, you can tell they are trained not to be cuddly pets - beaten or drugged. They are trained to respond well in the wild and to be able to teach their young as they would in the wild. Would 1000% reccomend this to anyone - and the guides were so great - just felt way too quick !!!”
J-thunderbolt - April 2016