Young minds and conservation

Nothing beats seeing the look of amazement and fear mixed with excitement on the little faces as they get to see lions, cheetahs and elephants for the very first time. Although staying in Africa, some of the school children who visit us at Mukuni big 5 safaris have never seen a real elephant or lion. It is always a great pleasure for us when we take them to see the animals, the mixed feelings that dance on their faces are priceless but worth it.

Mukuni Big 5 safaris is an organisation that is fully involved in wildlife conservation and advocates for the respectful treatment of animals. Our conservation efforts also focus on teaching school children about the importance of wildlife, giving them facts about our wildlife too as well as trying to inculcate an appreciation for wildlife.


The greatest challenge to conserving wildlife and the biggest enemy of wildlife conservation in Africa is poaching. School children are the future leaders and maybe the future poachers as well should they not know or appreciate the importance of wildlife. Young minds are inquisitive, hungry for knowledge and have so many questions that we are more than happy and willing to respond to.

Our main objective is to show these school children how beautiful wild animals are, to replace the fear in them with love and appreciation. These school children, especially from rural Zambia, need to know and understand that there is far much more to lions than the evil animals that eat and deplete their livestock. It is also important to let them see and touch the gentle jungle giants, the elephants, so that they can appreciate the beauty of these animals instead of associating them with the decimation of their crops.


At Mukuni big 5 we believe that wildlife is and always will be a part of Africa, they deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, if we do not teach that to our young Zambian folk then who will? We will fight for the future, teach our young ones about wildlife conservation and above all, we will do all there is to help school children understand what is at stake!



What our guests say about us

“5 Star - Best experience I have ever had!! This is a must and the staff is top notch!! Incredible all the way around....Experience of a Lifetime!”
Tricia Lima - January 22, 2015