Travel Information

Visa Application

  • When you apply for your VISA please purchase a BUSINESS VISA. If asked please state that you are Volunteering for Mukuni Big 5 Safaris. If an issue arises, your Manager will be in the arrivals hall so they can help you. The maximum number of days you are allowed is 30 days per year, per person. This is Immigration Law. Also you cannot volunteer on a Tourist VISA.

Visa Applications must be done in good time in your country, please purchase a 30 day Business VISA. Invitation letters are needed so we will send them to you to assist you with your applications.

  • It is not recommended to rely on purchasing VISAs at the immigration desk at our airports as the possibility of being denied is high and will cause an unnecessary inconvenience to you. Unless there is no other option when applying in your country, then you can purchase at the desk in the airport. Please make us aware of this.

It’s recommended to get a Double Entry VISA as the possibility to travel on “out of country" trips is possible. Saves you buying VISAs at the borders and they can be expensive. They can also be purchased at our Immigration Desk at the airport. Please know you can t purchase a multiple entry VISA, get an ordinary 30 day Business VISA or a Double Entry VISA. Only a Multiple Entry VISA can be purchased once here in Zambia.

VISA Costs: Single Entry= $55, Double/Multiple Entry= $80. These prices are just approximate, please refer to the Zambian Embassy for further details. Conditions Apply.

Travel/Medical Insurance

Before you depart you need to arrange a good medical insurance cover. This should include full International medical cover, repatriation and full air evacuation back to your country. It must also include all activities you are or may wish to participate in as well as medical expenses here. Ensure that you have all necessary Vaccinations up to date such as TETENUS. 
Consult your doctor before making a booking with us regarding all you need medical wise. Please make sure you are on anti malaria as well.

Our Weather

  • January to April is warm all day. Rainy and humid. Cool at night .
  • May to August is cold all day and very cold at night. Dry.
  • September, October and November is very hot and very dry!
  • November to December is the start of our rainy season, will be hot, very wet and humid.

Please don’t under estimate the strength of the sun, even if it looks overcast you can still burn, please use good sun cream, SPF 30 and above. Don’t risk the chance of getting sun stroke, and missing out! 
It is very easy to dehydrate here and if you are not used to such weather you can be struck down with dehydration and sun stroke within 3 days, it is very quick, so drink plenty of water all day and stay hydrated.

What you will need to bring:

  • 2 pairs of shoes,1for the bush and the other for casual wear, Flip-flops.
  • Mosquito net and insect repellent, no Deet. Also insect bite relief cream!

Personal medication, antimalarial pills and with them if you have any prescription medication(please bring the documentation for them from your doctor). We recommend Malarone as your anti malaria, but speak to your doctor for their advice; we do not recommend Larium (known to cause hallucinations) or Doxycycline (many people have bad reactions in the sun due to these).

Suitable working clothes must be in neutral colours. (Please remember to dress respectably, shorts should be knee length or longer.) Your clothes will get dirty!!

Casual clothes for town, jerseys and jackets ( nothing too posh ) and swimwear.

  • (Rainy Season)
  • Sun cream – SPF 30 and above.
  • Hats, sunglasses and a water bottle.
  • Laptop, phone (don’t forget chargers) and binoculars.

Enough personal spending money. (VISA debit and Credit Cards are accepted in most shops)

  • Torch, batteries and spares.

Camera, spare camera battery, camera charger, spare memory card, memory card reader as your days spent with us will certainly need to be captured.

Documentation for medical insurance, personal asset insurance, doctors notes (Please include copies for these).

  • Passport, travel documents.

Documentation of inoculations and copies for all yellow passport for yellow fever injection.

Movies, DVDs, books etc.

We recommend you see your Doctor for all necessary inoculations and medical requirements to stay in Zambia, Africa.

Your Mobile Phone

As previously mentioned, the main form of communication is through cell phones, so please ensure you unlock your phone for use out here, we can provide local sim cards if you need. It is possible for you to receive mail and packages, below is the address you need, you should allow approximately 3 weeks for these to arrive.

What our guests say about us

“An incredible visit with the lions and cheetahs” We took our mission trip group to Mukuni's for a lion and cheetah walk. Truly amazing - preferred the Cheetah visit to the lions just due to the interactions, but it was all incredible. the staff does a great job with the animals and makes you feel welcome and secure.”
Greg H - March 30, 2016