Your Project

You will be working with all our animals on site, taking part in daily walks with our lions, cheetahs and elephants. Conducting research (when available) and data capture on the activities. Also take part in our community projects in the nearby Mukuni Village, assisting in schools with teaching some lessons. We conduct conservation education talks in schools where we take our cheetahs to the school and teach the kids about them and wildlife conservation.

Here are some of the activities you will be experiencing

  • Walk with the lions, cheetahs and elephants
  • Interaction with the caracals
  • Lion behavior and enrichment
  • Cheetah run
  • Cheetah behavior enrichment
  • Caracal interaction
  • Caracal behavior enrichment
  • Snare sweeping
  • Enclosure cleaning
  • Boma cleaning
  • Enclosure maintenance
  • Boma maintenance
  • Cub feeding, sitting and interaction(when available)
  • Meat preparation
  • Animal feeding time
  • Community Work
  • Lesson Preparation
  • Lesson teaching
  • Rendering assistance in schools where ever possible
  • Assist in building of schools
  • Conservation Education
  • Cheetah Education in schools
  • School tours at Mukuni Big 5
  • Teaching about conservation of animals and our 

What our guests say about us

“5 Star - I miss Mukuni! Such an incredible place. Loved every minute with all the animals which I must say were very happy and all well looked after. I'd go back in a heart beat :)”
Jenna Gaines-Burrill - February 27, 2016